Wellness Program Kirkland, WA

Wellness Program

If you are an extreme athlete or a couch potato, we have a personal trainer and wellness program that could be suited for you.  We will work with individual and small groups to help them reach their fitness goals.  Our facility will be utilized to help people of all ages and levels reach and exceed their needs and goals.  From basic balance and movement training to high level athlete training, we will work towards getting you to your fitness and functional potential.

Program for Seniors and Bariatric Clients

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) can greatly improve mobility and motion, two things that older adults, as well as people with weight and chronic conditions often struggle with.  PT can also help you recover from, or cope with, a life changing and potentially debilitating condition such as a stroke or diabetes.  A physical therapist is a trusted health care professional who can help you address health challenges, maintain or achieve your desired level of fitness, and recover from or avoid injury.

1 in 4 Americans currently aged 65 will live to at least 90 and PT can help you stay or get fit, so you can enjoy your life fully.   Maintaining our desired level of fitness gets even more challenging as we age and have extra weight because many people lose flexibility, strength, or balance. Physical therapists have in depth knowledge of all four of the body’s major systems; they understand how the body works and how to get it moving again.  One of the most important things a physical therapist can do for older and overweight adults is help them improve their balance, motion, strength, and prevent falls.

According to the National Aging Council, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among seniors. While steps can be taken to “fall proof” a home, working with a physical therapist can help prevent falls in the first place. A physical therapist will recommend activities that emphasize strength, flexibility, and proper gait.  Exercises may include a walking regimen, Tai Chi, or aquatics classes, as well as strength training exercises that your loved one can do right in the comfort of their own home. A physical therapist can also refer you or your loved one to another medical professional if the need arises.

What a Senior Program and/or Physical Therapy Can Offer

Physical therapists educate patients in every session.  Patients are taught how to perform daily tasks, protect their body from re-injury, perform exercises at home, and how to make their homes a safer place.

» Stay Active in Life
» Joint Replacement Recovery
» Balance and Coordination
» Fall Prevention

The Senior Program is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation and fitness program specifically designed to improve the functional independence of the elderly. The program is offered as a proactive, first-line of treatment, specifically when certain conditions such as edema, soreness, stiffness, and general weakness exist.

Upon meeting therapy treatment goals, patients may continue in a specially designed fitness program, thereby building upon their initial gains. Additionally, communication relative to progress made is provided to the referring physicians.

Our program and physical therapy was created to rehabilitate the following:
– Orthopedic Disorders
– Stroke/CVA
– Vestibular Disorders
– Gait Disorders
– Spatial Disorientation and Balance Disorders
– Osteoporosis
– Balance Disorders
– Weight conditions

The program combines evaluation, education, rehabilitation treatments, and modalities to improve functional independence. The program may be appropriate for seniors and bariatric clients that are deconditioned, secondary to acute or chronic orthopedic and/or neurologic disorders. Each prospective participant is evaluated to determine their condition.

Services provided include but not limited to:
– Physical Therapy
– Reconditioning Exercises
– Balance Retraining
– Gait Training
– Fitness Programs

For seniors and bariatric clients recovering from injury or illness and for those experiencing chronic pain, physical therapy can help relieve pain and restore physical functions such as flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

PT combines a combination of approaches including stretching, walking, massage/hands on treatment, exercise, and electrical stimulation among others.

The goal of PT for seniors and bariatric clients is to make daily tasks and activities easier. And to make you as independent as possible.

Among the circumstances where physical therapy can be valuable are for those:

  • Recovering from injuries such as a broken hip
  • Weight management/loss
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pain in all parts of the body such as knee, back, shoulder, wrist, etc.
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Stroke
  • Vertigo
  • Incontinence
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • And many other conditions


As you can see, physical therapy can help seniors and bariatric clients in about every area of health care imaginable. If you’re recovering from surgery or an illness or living with a disease, ask your doctor about physical therapy. PT can give you back your independence by increasing your mobility and making daily tasks easier.

Other Types of Wellness Programs & Personal Training

Cardio Fit

Perfect for participants who are fit and active, as well as those who want to energizing activity. This program focuses on increasing cardiovascular output and strengthening.


Improve agility, balance, coordination and activities for daily living (ADLs) by increasing muscular strength and range of movement.

Stability & Balance

Designed specifically to keep participants “safe on their feet.” Understanding the primary risk factors associated with falling and knowing what exercises will be beneficial in decreasing the risk for a fall provides substantial knowledge and practical work for class members to increase function and long-term independence.

Low Back Pain

This program is designed specifically for those who suffer from chronic low back pain, sciatica, stenosis, herniated disc etc. It is a combination of stretches and strengthening exercises to help relieve low back/hip pain.


The wellness program and personal training hours are open and flexible allowing people to come in before, after, or during work.  Our facility offers bikes, an elliptical, weights, physioballs, foam rollers, etc.  With a variety of equipment, our program is designed to keep you active and doing the things you love on a daily basis.

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