Joy A

By: Cole Monson

I came to Bridle Trails PT in April after my third knee surgery. I had the initial consultation with Cole, who was very professional and asked a lot of questions regarding how my knee was prior to my surgery. Then I had my appointments with Paul, who put up with a lot I must say.

I explained that I had my meniscus fixed and explained that my last 2 surgeries were to fix torn cartilage, which were over 20 years ago. I also explained that after the 2nd one I had no more than 94-96% mobility in my knee and was in constant pain. My goal for rehab was to get back to hiking/walking with my dog and to be functional. So Paul and I decided to be aggressive with the rehab.

Over the course of the last few months, Paul really got my knee the best its been in over 20 years. My knee has roughly 117% mobility (almost identical to my other knee). I can walk between 3-5 miles a day and hike and do functional daily activities without much pain.
My knee will always need maintenance exercises, which Paul set up throughout the last few months making it easy to do without special equipment. Without Paul’s constant pushing my knee to its limit early, I don’t think I would have the range I currently do.

I’m quite glad I chose Bridle Trails, and the entire office was helpful and made the experience fun even through the pain.