3 Helpful Lower Back Exercises for Everyday Pain

By: Cole Monson

Lower back pain can affect our daily lives and cause even the simplest of tasks to become daunting. The key to a happy back is to keep your muscles stretched. There are a lot of different simple exercises that can help with lower back pain and make living easier.

  1. Squats: By doing a proper squat it allows your muscles in your lower back and legs to stretch relieving pressure. (Adding a twist after ever squat can increase that stretch giving you a more full workout)
  2. Tiger Push up: This is a technique usually associated with yoga. This move is where you start out in child pose then extend your arms up with palms planted firmly on the ground, push the legs out and push your hips off the ground. While doing this pose you want to make sure to elongate the neck to get a full stretch of the spine.
  3. Crunches: By doing simple crunches you can stretching your back and glutes. This is also a great core workout.
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