Modalities Kirkland, WA



Decreases pain, increase tissue elasticity, degrades scar, increases cellular activity and increases circulation.  It is widely used in treating soft tissue and sports injuries.  It can help with deep or superficial areas of joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and scar tissue.

Electrical Stimulation

Decreases pain, increases circulation and decreases edema.


Home electrical stimulation unit designed to be worn throughout the day and to provide pain relief only.


The use of the mechanical properties of ultrasonic waves to deliver medication to focal regions to help with pain and inflammation.


Applied to the cervical or lumbar spine to decompress spinal segments or discs.  A form of decompression therapy that helps to relieve pressure on the spine to reduce pain.

Moist Heat Packs

Decreases pain, promotes muscular relaxation, increases circulation, and can be used for pre-exercise warm up.

Ice Packs/Ice Massage

Decreases pain and decreases inflammation.  Helps to circulate or bring “new blood flow” to the affected area as tissues re-warm.

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