Patient Testimonials

  • Summer of 2016 I began noticing inflammation in my left leg, my friends informed me it was a pinched nerve.  You’ve pinched your sciatica they said; everybody’s a doctor.  I spent 4 months waiting for the pain to go away.  Having heard my whimpering long enough my family encouraged me to see a medical doctor.

    Meeting with my doctor I was offered three possible solutions:  pain killers, surgery, or physical therapy.  Wanting a complete return to the pain free life I had previously enjoyed I chose Physical Therapy with Bridle Trails.  In the beginning it seemed the pain would never end.  But by following the recommendations of Cole and Paul I am completely pain free and equipped with a variety of exercises I can do to help one stay this way.

    Thank you, your friend!

    Buddy H.

  • I came to Bridle Trails PT in April after my third knee surgery. I had the initial consultation with Cole, who was very professional and asked a lot of questions regarding how my knee was prior to my surgery. Then I had my appointments with Paul, who put up with a lot I must say.

    I explained that I had my meniscus fixed and explained that my last 2 surgeries were to fix torn cartilage, which were over 20 years ago. I also explained that after the 2nd one I had no more than 94-96% mobility in my knee and was in constant pain. My goal for rehab was to get back to hiking/walking with my dog and to be functional. So Paul and I decided to be aggressive with the rehab.

    Over the course of the last few months, Paul really got my knee the best its been in over 20 years. My knee has roughly 117% mobility (almost identical to my other knee). I can walk between 3-5 miles a day and hike and do functional daily activities without much pain.
    My knee will always need maintenance exercises, which Paul set up throughout the last few months making it easy to do without special equipment. Without Paul’s constant pushing my knee to its limit early, I don’t think I would have the range I currently do.

    I’m quite glad I chose Bridle Trails, and the entire office was helpful and made the experience fun even through the pain.

    Joy A

  • I have had 2 knee replacements within one year. Paul, Mark, and Cole have all helped in getting my knees back to where I can do most anything I want to do. I am bike riding, hiking, and working out at the gym, pretty much the same as before. I highly recommend BTPT for their skills and their welcoming.

    Sally N.

  • Like with chiropractic care, I was skeptical about PT until I went to BTPT and discovered Paul.

    I had a terrible case of ‘tennis elbow’ which gave me so much discomfort in my right arm. I had trouble sleeping and typing and basic movement.6 weeks of consistent, weekly care along with some braces and careful stretches enabled me to get back to 100%. I’m convinced in the Power of PT!! Thanks Paul

    Brett D.

  • I started PT due to bursitis in shoulder. I didn’t have a lot of strength in my shoulder initially but after going through PT I now have a lot more strength and stability in my shoulder. I now have more confidence in the strength I’ve gained here since I began working with Cole. Cole is a great Physical Therapist. I would recommend Bridle Trails PT to anybody. They are great from the therapists, to office manager to massage therapy. They all go above and beyond no matter the need.

    Heather N.

  • I was a Junior in High School, preparing the week before for the State Track Meet. I had qualified in the shot put and discus. As a teammate and I were taking throws, I still don’t know what happened, but something happened during my spin in my practice throw. I injured my foot. I took the remainder of the week off hoping it would improve in time for the meet which started on Friday. It was showing some improvement, but in the movement of throwing it put a lot more stress on that foot, and definitely prohibited my movement.

    Cole examined my injury and proceeded to do a few sessions of therapy on my foot. By Saturday it had shown much improvement and I can happily say I placed 3rd in the Shot Put with a Personal Best throw.

    Thanks to Cole for his physical therapy, as I don’t feel the outcome would have been the same without his help.

    Jordan T.

  • I have been running most of my life and always assumed hamstring pain was normal due to high mileage training. After my first visit with Cole, I felt 100x better! I don’t know what he did, but he worked his magic and I had the best run in months that evening! Since that first visit, I have learned valuable stretching and strength training exercise that are keeping me strong and healthy!

    Marilyn K.

  • When I came in and first met Paul and Cole I could barely bend my arm enough to touch my face or wash my hair. Within four weeks of therapy twice per week I’m nearly pain-free and back doing my daily routine without any problems. Yesterday I even made it to the gym for an upper body workout, my first in several months. The experience here has been wonderful!

    Todd R.