Why your Sports Injury Needs Physical Therapy!

By: Cole Monson

Understanding Why you May Need Physical Therapy for your Sports Injury

Sports injuries are an unfortunate and often very common injury sustained in athletes lives. Poor training methods, inadequate warm-up, and lack of conditioning are a few of the causes of sports injuries. Coping with sports injuries often requires physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy helps people rebuild strength and movement in parts of their body after an injury, along with helping someone manage pain and prevent permanent damage and recurring problems.

Time is a big factor when it comes to sports injuries. The normal healing process follows a pattern of acute phase, subacute phase, and chronic phase. Each phase is important to the healing process and dictates a different treatment approach. It’s our physical therapist’s responsibility to accurately diagnose which phase and what treatment the patient should receive.

Athletic trainers and physical therapists continue to gain more knowledge in preventing and diagnosing sports injuries. Although some procedures would remain the standards of care, the means to address the injuries could change over time. We always strive to be up to date on the best and most efficient ways to not only prevent a sports injury, but also advance the treatment of them.