Can Physical Therapy Help Chronic Pain?

By: Cole Monson

The short answer is Yes.

Physical Therapy is commonly known to be of great benefit when you get injured or after a car accident, but did you know physical therapy is actually useful for everyday pain? Physical therapy plays a vital role in helping patients manage and overcome chronic pain. When you’re in a lot of pain, the thought of active rehabilitation and exercise can be pretty daunting, but continuing treatment with consistent physical therapy will help!

Opioids are usually prescribed as a first line defense for chronic pain, however Debra Houry, director of CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, is a big believer that Opioids are not the answer. She has been pointing to weak evidence supporting the benefits of opioids for chronic pain and growing evidence pointing to the risks. “We have decided that because of that, and the uncertain benefits of opioids, that continuing to prescribe them for chronic pain is not warranted.”

Physical Therapy is not the only answer for your chronic pain, but it is the most effective!