Why Pre AND Post Physical Therapy will Help your Joint Replacement Surgery

By: Cole Monson

Chances are….

You or someone you know will end up getting a joint replacement surgery. A total joint replacement is a surgical procedure where an arthritic joint or joints is replaced with a prosthetic metal, plastic, or ceramic device. Researchers believe that the benefit of preoperative physical therapy was derived mostly from the way it prepared patients for postoperative rehabilitation. A new study has found that as few as 1 to 2 sessions of preoperative physical therapy can reduce postoperative care use by 29% for patients going through joint replacement surgery.

The study itself published by the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery states “Our study demonstrates a significant reduction in postacute care use associated with the use of physical therapy during the preoperative period for total joint replacement surgery.”

After the procedure, physical therapy helps restore full range of motion, strength, flexibility and more. Assistive devices such as canes and walkers are also common with joint replacement surgery, and physical therapists can identify the correct device to meet your specific needs. Soon, after use of both pre and post physical therapy sessions, you will be on your way after your successful joint replacement surgery.